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Roads in the US go here.

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  1. Loved it! I’m bookmarking your site for use in the future.

  2. Bill R says:

    How about adding Palomar mountain?

  3. phonedrn8 says:

    hello everyone just found this site dont have a bike but i have friends that have them, and spreading the word

  4. Schmuppes says:

    A few days ago, I went along Colorade State Route 92. It starts at the Gunnison River, at the junction with Highway 50. It is an absolutely glorious road and I wished I hadn’t been there with a bike (only had a rental car). I have no photos, so can not add the road.

  5. Arcy says:

    My man, you need to visit and post the Catalina Highway in Tucson, AZ. 27mi, 6000ft+ climb, of twisting highway going from cactus laden desert to pine forest mountain range. Almost picture perfect of what a mountain highway should be.

    • chad@twistypedia says:

      Yes, I’d love to! But I’m not near enough to AZ to get that done anytime soon. Feel free to create the road page. Would love to have it!

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