Bald Hills Road, Hoopa, CA

Posted on: June 23rd, 2019 by HeatXfer

This little 33mile gem is a great way to wind to the coast through hot, dry California foothills shaded with dense oaks that give way to cool fog shrouded redwoods though the Redwood National and State Parks. Just getting to the starting point is fun from any direction but I recommend East to West from the intersection of SR169 & SR96 at Weitchpec.

The Eastern half is all up-hill twisties, some very narrow, a little goaty in places with a few surprising switchbacks and be warned: once you get to the top of the mountain the pavement ends and you’ve got about 6miles of loose, heavy road-bed gravel that undulates and curves (Great for dual-sports, not so great large touring or sport bikes) until the pavement starts again as you enter the Redwood National Park. From that point westward beautiful Redwoods line the road all the way to Hwy101 and on a clear day you can see the coast 6½ miles away from the Redwood Creek Overlook.

If you’re going to be near Klamath or the Trinity Alps it’s well worth a visit. The gravel section will probably be paved at some point, but for now it’s a lot of loose fun if you’re inclined!

From SR 96 where it crosses the Klamath at Weitchpec, go West onto SR169 immediately after crossing the bridge. This section is 3.5miles, tight, narrow and sometimes goaty. Left across the Martins Ferry bridge and then immediately left onto Tulley Creek Rd. In about ½mile the road forks left into Dowd Rd. and right into Bald Hills Rd.


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