Mulholland Highway

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Probably the most famous road in California, its proximity to Los Angeles has made it the playground of the rich and famous. Jay Leno is a frequent visitor to The Rock Store with his collection of vintage cars and bikes.

The road connects “the valley”, a large suburban area to the north, with the beach area just north of the rich and famous Malibu. This area is home to many of the best roads in So Cal, but most enthusiasts spend their time on “The Snake”, a short 21 turn section just above the popular Rock Store. The Snake is heavily photographed on weekends and attracts those looking to showboat a bit for the cameras. “Edwards’ Corner”, the final turn heading up The Snake, is a popular spot for people to congregate and watch others come up the hill. Probably the most famous incident on The Snake is this motorcycle vs bicycles video from 2013.

During the motorcycle boom of the 1980’s CHP crackdowns on motorcycle racing put a wet blanket on riding in the area, but budget cuts since then have kept enforcement to a minimum.

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Just your everyday parade of Ferraris, Ducatis, and Harleys on Mulholland Highway.

The Snake

A short section of Mulholland Hwy directly above The Rock Store that is a favorite place for local motorcyclists, drivers, and cyclists to test their skills against the road. Heavily congested on weekends, but a wonderful ride during the week.

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Bikes and cars playing together on The Snake at Edwards’ CornerChasing Sportbikes on The Snake

Following sportbikes down The Snake part of Mulholland Highway.

In-car video heading up The Snake

Up in The Snake area of Mulholland (right above The Rock Store) are a group of people that shoot photos on weekends. Their photos are exemplary. If you want to get a great photo of yourself in action, ride or drive Mulholland right above The Rock Store on just about any weekend, then check their flickr page for your photo.
WARNING! Rock Store Photog Ahead!

Trying to park at The Rock Store on a weekend can be seriously difficult.


The world famous Rock Store
The Rock Store

The Lookout

More nice cars on Mulholland. This time at the Lookout.
Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

Panoramic view from the lookout on The Snake

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  1. Patrick W says:

    was there on 1/12/14 but cops shut it down early. not that much action. best pics i got were of some downhill skateboarders. they had 3 runs before the cops stopped them.

  2. john rico says:

    Hello. The first map is most puzzling – if the bold line is intended to depict the entire length of Mulholland highway it is not accurate. The top portion is correct, but at some point the bold line veers on to Encinal canyon and goes to the beach, leaving Mulholland. In a coincidence, the bold line ends at Leo Carillo beach, where Mulholland truly ends.

    • Twistypedia says:

      Thanks for pointing that out! The map should be fixed now. We’re looking into bringing the map creation internal to the site as public Google Maps sometimes can’t be trusted.

  3. Jake D says:

    Has anybody ever been to “Tres Marías” , that’s in the outskirts Of Mexico City ? A bit more challenging road. Regards

    • Twistypedia says:

      I haven’t but I just added Mexico to the country list so if you want to add some Mexican roads that would be awesome. I’ll send you stickers if you do 🙂

  4. Fat and Bald does not make you a Automotive Journalist says:

    Just a note. Watch out for the cyclist at the top slow down do not cross yellows. Come up to see all of the nice cars and Motor bikes. If you get yelled at by a cyclist just ignore them and go about your way. Same goes for hot head motor bike riders.

  5. RC 51 says:

    Does anyone know of an RC51 club that rides the snake regularly?

  6. Racer says:

    Do not race on snake rd any more for a while .. 2 days ago I did one little donut and my car got impounded and got misdemeanor ticket exhibition of speed. Sheriffs department won’t release the car for 30 days. (1500$ Roughly ) on thesame day 2 guys were arrested for the same reason.
    The reason they are pushing us because the neighborhood wrote a complaint to state that Sheriffs don’t give damn and they are bothered by loud cars and scratching tires.
    I got pulled over at 12:30am by the hidden sheriff. He took my car keys right away. Next day when I was trying to get the release form for my car from sheriffs and spent all day waiting for sheriff deputy, I foind out that they won’t forgive anything to anybody any more. That state is on their ass. They have a lot of hidden cops all around. Sheriff deputy also mantioned that I was too lucky for not getting arrested and if it was her pulling me over I would have got arrested for sure.
    Be carefull folks and drive safely.

  7. Kipton Tewksbury says:

    My family lived on the west side of Mulholland Hwy, just after the Snake and a mile before Kanan Rd from 1961 – 1965. Kanan Dume Rd was being built. We used to ride horses through the completed tunnels. A neighbor and I drove his old Army jeep through the scrub to get onto Kanan Rd. It had originally been planned to on the last leg of the Snake and through some of our property. My mother discouraged that. The homestead was called “Hollyberry Hills” then. I believe Led Zeppelin owned it for awhile after we sold it. It finally burned down in major brush fire. I last drove through there in 1976.

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