Glendora Ridge Road (GRR) AKA ‘Ridge’ or “Moe’s Driveway*”

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GRR runs for roughly 12 miles between GMR in the west and Baldy Village in the east. The vast majority of the road lacks a center dividing line, and the road feels narrower than GMR and other roads in the San Gabriel Mountains. The surface quality is average, though sections in the east can become potholed and cracked, as they rest at a higher elevation and retain snow and ice the longest.

Fallen Leaf Spring Turn

The road is generally fast-paced with few outstanding corners to look out for. Near the eastern end of the road before reaching Cow Canyon Saddle, there is one decreasing-radius turn that tends to catch people off-guard. This is, in the author’s opinion, the only ‘outstanding’ turn. That is to say, the rest of the turns on this road are predictable and require little practice to master. There are several long straights which allow those with more power to open it up.

SDEF Straights


Mt. Baldy lookout
Excellent views of Mount Baldy from GRR

*What’s this “Moe’s Driveway” business?

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