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NOTE: Please allow 30 minutes for your confirmation email to arrive. GoDaddy’s mail servers aren’t the fastest things in the world. Thx!

Also, if you use an auto-generated looking email address to sign up for this site (ex: fjfjfjfjfjfjf@gmail.com), your account access will be demoted and you won’t be able to add any content. Please use real email addresses.

This site is for entertainment purposes only. There is no guaranty that the information listed is accurate.

Site is not responsible for any injury or death resulting from use of information found on this site.

We ask that you create an account to contribute simply as a way to help control spammers and site abuse. Beyond that, we don’t do a single thing with your data.

The Rules:

  • Please don’t create a new page for a road that already has one. Edit the existing page instead. Long roads can be broken up into sections by geography if needed (ala Route 66). Shorter roads may be grouped into trip routes, so long as they are not duplicated elsewhere.
  • Only roads that are exhilarating to ride or drive should be entered
  • Whatever text you write should be your own. Please do not copy/paste from other sites (unless it’s your site)
  • You need to own any photos you upload or embed
  • If you are editing an exiting page, please take a moment to add some revision notes to the Revision Information field
  • If you replace or update someone else’s photos or copy, please be sure your new stuff is better
  • No vulgar, gross, wreck, deadguy, or adult photos
  • The max photo size for this site is 1024px wide. Any uploaded photos will automagically be resized. However, photos around 700px wide look just fine and work well
  • Zero politics, religion, flaming, or adult content – you will be mercilessly banned
  • This site is for both car guys and motorcyclists. You can use the words “cager” and “squid” if you must, but it will be heavily frowned upon. This isn’t the place to vent about how a certain slice of the population “ruins” a road. Play nice with each other; here and out on the roads!

If you would like to discuss these rules please contact us and we’ll see what we can do better.

I agree to all this stuff. Let me in!

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