Turnbull Canyon Road

Posted on: August 29th, 2011 by chadman 2 Comments

A completely land locked twisty. Almost more famous for its folklore than the road itself, but definitely worth a visit if you’re in the OC area.

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  1. lowbuckrider says:

    This is my go to when I need a little 2wheel therapy. This is an up and over road. The Whittier side has no driveways, the La Habara side has a lot of drive ways and privet streets. You must be mindful of cyclists and black & whites. On early morning weekend travels I have encounter deer.

  2. VFRCapt.Bob says:

    Nice little strip of tight to moderately tight turns. I used it as the local training road for canyon riding when I started out. I was not surprised to see that the police motorcycle academy also uses it to train their officers.

    Never paid much attention to miles but would take laps back and forth until on reserve then head home. Watch out for down hill long board luge runners coming down the hill as well. There are some nice views to be found up there along with some free roaming peacocks on the La Habra side of Turnbull.

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