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Posted on: December 30th, 2012 by allanbegg 7 Comments

Route 16 in VA, between Marion and Tazewell is an incredible piece of road. It’s as good (if not better than) the “Tail Of The Dragon” in NC/TN. The road surface is decent, there is little traffic, speed limits are not artificially low, as they are on the “Dragon”. This road is just now becoming famous with bike riders so get there early, before it get’s too commercialized. Someone has already dubbed it the “Back Of The Dragon”.

33 Miles long and 4 mountain peaks to cross.

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  1. 3sum says:

    I rode this stretch for the first time last July. I took an annual moto trip to SW VA (I normally stay at Willville on the BRP) and really liked this area. The northern half has fresh blacktop!

    I almost stayed at Hungry Mother and after riding this, wished I had! A definite revisit is in order.

    Photo is at the pullout a couple of miles in headed south.

    • twistypedia says:

      Holy crazy rocks!!! Looks like a fun road when it’s clean. I’m going to add your photo to the main article. Post up more pix if you have them! Thx!

  2. 3sum says:

    Luckily, this was a place we were planning on stopping at anyway (I was riding with guys that had been here before). It has a great view of the valley below. I have more pictures but don’t believe they’re of Hwy 16.

  3. 3sum says:

    Here’s a couple more.

    Southbound on Hwy 16

    Southbound on Hwy 16 #2

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