HWY 70 – Feather River Canyon

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HWY 70 from Chico to the HWY 89 intersection travels through Feather River Canyon. A serpentine, well paved and maintained road through the canyon and long the Feather River. This canyon is also a main track for the railroad and you will see many long trains pass through here. There are tunnels blasted out of solid rock with “windows” blasted to the outside as the only light. There are many bridges as the road crosses back and forth across the river and there are a few small “towns” to stop at – but no gas so fill up before you head up here. You will pass a large number of small hydro electric power stations as well. It is a serene area a bit like stepping back in time to a simpler era. A lot of this may get over looked since the roads is well paved, routed with plenty of curves and twists and begs to be ridden quickly. The area is patrolled, but usually not very heavily.

This is one of my favorite roads in California. Not just for the road itself, but because it leads to many other fun roads as well. But the road itself is more than enough draw.

I need to go get some pictures, if you have any, please post them up. Weather is going to delay me from getting new ones for a few months.

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