US Route 50 in WV

Posted on: July 16th, 2014 by allanbegg 1 Comment

Route 50 across WV is a great road. Reminded me of a long roller coaster ride. Very little in WV is flat and Route 50 is no different. Lot’s of mountains and valleys. Lot’s of curves and great scenery. Very few towns and only a couple of cities at either end make for some great riding. Riding in the early fall is great, as the temperatures are already starting to drop, even if still warm and humid along the east coast.┬áBe careful of leaves on the road though, if they are wet. Like riding on ice. Be cautious of blind corners, as the road is heavily traveled by trucks hauling lumber and coal during working hours on weekdays, albiet usually short distances.


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  1. Justin W says:

    The section between Parkersburg and Clarksburg is a 4 lane highway, the good twisty section doesn’t start until after Clarksburg heading east.

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