Jalama Road

Posted on: April 7th, 2013 by CRASH 1 Comment

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About 16 miles of twisties that ends at Jalama Beach Campground. Go there for lunch and get a World’s Famous Jalama Burger, if you tell the park ranger you are just there for lunch, they will give you a 1 hour free parking pass.

The road is in good condition and has a lot of tight twisty areas as well as wide sweepers. DO BE CAREFUL and watch for gravel. There is a turn about mid way on a rise that has a gravel driveway that comes into it that is always a mess. Other than that, a bombin’ road with an amazing view at the end.




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  1. Turkus says:

    The “free parking” has been reduced to 45 minutes as of my last visit there late last year :

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