Latigo Canyon Road

Posted on: August 29th, 2011 by chadman 3 Comments

A tight, twisty run from the Pacific Ocean up into the Santa Monica Mountains. Long stretches without cross traffic, but do be careful towards the populated ocean side.

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  1. CRASH says:

    I think the map has Scroogled you and rerouted you down Kanan Dume Road instead of the length of Latigo. I rode Latigo for the first time a few months back with a friend, Very nice road and great views.

    • twistypedia says:

      Yikes! Indeed it has! Fixed now. Sorry for the comment moderation. WordPress sites are getting infected with malware like crazy right now, so I had to up the security for a while. I’ll see if I can adjust settings…

  2. VFRCapt.Bob says:

    Lots of new pavement work has been done on the lower sections making them fun instead of just sufferable as in the past. Watch out for a couple blind decreasing radius turns where the mountainsides are steepest against the road when heading up from PCH.This same area can be littered with some light patches of gravel too. There are quite a mix of turns but Latigo is mostly known as a prolonged technical section of road.

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