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HWY 36 is one of those legendary motorcycle roads … and for good reason. While the sign in the image shows 140 miles of bliss, the road is closer to 180 miles and almost all of it is twisty, curvy, winding asphalt. There are few residences or businesses, so most of the road dedicated riding/driving time. Motorcyclists and car enthusiasts make pilgrimages to this road. The word EPIC is appropriate. Either direction works fine, I suggest you keep the sun at your back so you can see the road better. There are fast parts, slow parts, easy parts and hard parts. Anyone can travel this road, it will take some longer than others – maybe a lot longer. It has been known to be done in just over 2 hours to as long as a full day depending on your style. There are services along the way with the Wildwood Store being about the middle for those with shorter ranged machines. The scenery is stunning, the road surface was recently redone so it is still smooth and in relatively good condition. You do need to pay attention here, deer hunting and fishing are popular in the area so you can have slow movers and the occasional forest rat may jump out at you. Winter can be cold and it does snow here some, so debris collects on the road and you have to be careful of that any time of year. Patrols are sort of hit or miss. When riding season starts up again (for those that do not ride all year round) the patrols are much heavier for a while.

HWY 36 WEST is a great lead in to The Lost Coast Highway.

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  1. Peter says:

    The Wildwood Store burned down 🙁

  2. Adrian says:

    I’ve ridden all over the world. This is the best road so far.

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