Can you see me now?

Posted on: September 28th, 2011 by chadman No Comments

In an attempt to be more conspicuous, I changed out the headlight bulbs on the FZR. The fuzzer runs some old style H4 35/35 bulbs, which barely any motorcycles use anymore, but the bulbs are popular with European scooters, so they’re not too hard to find on eBay. If I was planning on doing much riding at night, I’d probably just stick with the stock bulbs – they seem to be brighter – but since most, if not all, of my riding will be done during the day, I’m hoping the different color temperatures of the new bulbs will help me stick up to oncoming drivers just a bit more.

Here's the standard 35/35 bulbs

And here's the hyper white on the left and hyper purple on the right

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