Forks of the Credit Road

Posted on: October 26th, 2015 by Twistypedia

Forks of the Credit Rd. is a personal favorite. Just north of Brampton and south of Caledon, this road (travelling west from Hwy 10) is heavily-treed, and starts with rolling hills which give you that roller-coaster feeling in your gut. The “Trucks and Busses Prohibited – Roadway Impassable by Large Vehicle” warnings as you pass as you approach McLaughlin Rd are a good sign that you’re on the right path. As you start to get into the twisties, of which there are plenty, be sure to go a little slow, especially on the weekends – this is a popular stretch. The easy curves mixed in with a couple of smooth chicanes, followed by a nice run alongside one of the streams of the Credit River make for a gorgeous run, especially in Sept/Oct as the leaves start changing. Beware of a couple of speedbumps as you enter “Estate Country” – you’ll know you’re there when you start seeing ornate gates in front of driveways that seem to disappear into the forest. After you pass under the huge railway bridge, and then the old Mill, you’ll hit the uphill flat hairpin, which is super-tight, and even tighter travelling in the other direction. The very next turn is yet another uphill hairpin, but nicely banked for that extra feeling. Take it easy through this next stretch, as you approach Belfountain – it starts to get quite populated quite quickly, especially in the summer months. Belfountain is a popular stop-over/rest town for large groups of bikers of both kinds (motor and pedal), where you can grab a quick bite or ice cream from the shop at the head of the T-intersection. If you’re on 4 wheels, I recommend heading straight after the stop sign @ Bush St. in Belfountain, to head down Mississauga Rd until The Grange SdRd. It’s a gravel-covered, lightly-trafficked road with even more beautiful sights and a sweet little twisty section just past the equestrian neighbourhood. You can take this road all the way back to Hwy 10, if you like, so you can head deeper into the Escarpment (north), or back to urbanization (south).

Note that both Forks of the Credit Rd and The Grange SdRd are likely to be closed in the middle of winter, as the snowfalls require heavy plows – but the twisties prevent them from getting there.

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