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And even more cars being stupid

Posted on: November 13th, 2011 by Twistypedia No Comments

Some 1% drivers

Safety third!!


Must have been watching the DVD?

Even more cars behaving badly

Posted on: November 13th, 2011 by Twistypedia No Comments

Parking is not elemental!


Awww...this precious Vette needs many spaces


A golf cart. On city streets. With unbelted children. Safety third!!


Bad parking group discount


Too big to fail? No.


Duly tires and spaces


HonDUH parking


Jack not in the box


Mustang parking FAIL


Nope. Doesn't fit

More cars behaving badly

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More cars being really stupid

I just like to park my truck up on other's SUVs.

So big I gotta take up four (4!) spaces

Everyone parking badly. Gas cap open on the Ford Explorer for good measure!

Nope. Doesn't fit

Cars behaving badly

Posted on: November 13th, 2011 by Twistypedia 2 Comments

A collection of cars (and some bikes) being stupid.

Just another california driver on her cellphone

Ya, totally a compact car...NOT!

Safety third!

More cartard parking

Evidently no parking assist on this Bentley

The motorcyclists bucket list

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A bunch of things to do before you die

  • Go to Bonneville Speed Week
  • Go to the Isle of Man TT
  • Ride the Tail of the Dragon
  • Ride Pacific Coast Highway
  • Go to a MotoGP race
  • Do a trackday
  • Ride to Alaska
  • Ride Stelvio
Feel free to add more items, and add your name to the author list!

Twistypedia – Now with forums!

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Maybe this is me being delusional, but I’d like to see this site get more traffic. Maybe, just maybe opening forums up here will help. We’ll see…

Motorcycle tips nobody will tell you

Posted on: October 3rd, 2011 by Twistypedia No Comments

Trim your eyebrows.
Nothing is worse than tilting your head down to block the sun with the top of your helmet and having to look through your bushy eyebrows to see where you’re going.

Practice good parking mojo.
Don’t invite cars into your parking space by hiding all the way at the front of the space. Park with the back of your bike even with the ends of the cars in the row so prospective parkers can see that the space is filled.

Baby wipes are the bomb
If you’re going on any kind of “adventure” ride baby wipes makes a great and easy to pack universal cleaning tool.

Tuck in your laces
If you’re wearing street shoes or boots, tuck the laces into the top of the boot so they don’t get snagged on the foot controls or pegs as you go to put your feet down.